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Organizational Support

  1. maintenance of investment projects based on a “single window” principle;
  2. rendering informational and consulting assistance to entities involved in investment activities on the issues of implementing investment projects, including the assistance on conditions of municipal and private partnership;
  3. implementation of annual package of measures in the context of the Investment Address of the City Head;
  4. cluster development of the city territory, including the usage of zones for integrated development of the territory;
  5. other forms of support, not inconsistent with the effective legislation.

Informational Support

  1. posting the current data regarding the measures of support for investors on the investment website of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, as well as in other information media;
  2. on the investment website of Komsomolsk-on-Amur posting and updating the list of available investment sites, and utilities, services, electrical lines and other networks connected to them, as well as transport infrastructure facilities for implementation of the investment projects;
  3. posting data about investment projects scheduled for realization or being implemented on the territory of the city on the city’s investment website;
  4. formation of information database on the status and development of investment activity on the territory of the city;
  5. formation of the city’s investment image, holding exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, round-table discussions, workshops and other events
  6. other forms of support, not inconsistent with the effective legislation.
  7. consulting
  8. assistance in search and use by the investors of forms of support and stimulation of their activity offered on municipal, regional and federal levels;
  9. other forms of support, not inconsistent with the effective legislation.

Financial Backing

  1. Granting of a budget loan;
  2. provision of the municipal guarantee;
  3. purpose-specific loan for business development to small and medium-sized business entities;
  4. microloans to small and medium-sized business entities;


  1. grants to novice entrepreneurs of the city in the amount of up to 200,000 rubles.
  2. partial subsidizing of expenditures to small and medium entrepreneurs for creation and development of innovative manufacturing;
  3. compensation of up to 1.5 million rubles to small business entities when they purchase production equipment, software, intellectual property items, undergo certification;
  4. subsidy up to 100,000 rubles to representatives of youth entrepreneurship;
  5. subsidies up to 70% for compensating costs of participation in exhibitions;
  6. other forms of support not contradicting the effective legislation.

Property Support

  1. backing the bank liabilities of investors by pledging the municipal property objects (pledge fund);

Allowances for rent of the municipal property objects:

  1. reduction factor for small and medium business entities involved in:
    • manufacture of consumer products and food products (coef. 1.0);
    • manufacture of agricultural products (coef. 0.8);
    • machine building, metalworking, metallurgy, wood processing industry (coef. 0.6);
  2. increase of spaces for subletting from 35 to 80%
  3. decrease of rental payment and coefficients when subletting a part of premises
  4. individual coefficients when leasing more than 1000 sq.m and per each type of activity
  5. reduction of coefficients by 80% when leasing vacant non-residential premises
  6. reduction of penalty amount from 0.5 to 0.2%
  7. reduction of rental payment (to coef. 1.5)* for municipal real estate to the entrepreneurs involved in:
    • educational, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary activity and rendering cosmetological services
    • involved in physical training and health improving activity, shaping, aerobics and fitness;
    • rendering public catering services (canteens)
  8. decreasing coefficient 0.5 for calculating the amount of lease payment for land plots provided for construction.

Tax Exemptions

  1. zero tax rate for taxpayers** (when using patent system of taxation) engaged in:
    • mending and sewing of apparel, fur and leather items, headwear and textile haberdashery articles, mending, sewing and knitting of knitwear;
    • manufacture and repair of metal haberdashery, keys, license plates, street signs;
    • manufacture of folk art craft items;
    • services on processing of agricultural products and wild-growing plants, including, grinding of grain, peeling of cereals, processing of oil seeds, production and smoking of sausages, processing of potato, processing of customer-furnished scoured wool for knitting yarn, currying of animal pelts, wool combing, shearing of domestic animals, repair and manufacture of cooper ware and pottery, protection of orchards, vegetable gardens and green plantations from pests and diseases; manufacture of felt boots;
    • manufacture of farm implements from customer materials;
    • engraving works on metal, glass, china, wood, ceramics;
    • manufacture and repair of wooden boats;
    • repair of toys;
    • repair of tourist equipment and implements;
    • services for plowing vegetable gardens and sawing firewood;
    • services for repair and manufacture of eyeglass optics;
    • manufacturing and printing visiting cards and cards for invitation to family celebrations;
    • binding, stitching, edging, carton works;
    • charging gas cartridges for siphons, replacement of battery cells in the electronic watches and other appliances;
    • manufacture and restoration of carpets and carpeting articles
  2. privileges for residents of prioritized social and economic development territories in Komsomolsk-on-Amur
  3. other forms of support not contradicting the effective legislation.

* will come into effect from 01.01.2017
** registered after entry into effect of Clause 2 Article 1 of the Khabarovsk Territory Law No. 40 On Introduction of Changes to Particular Laws of Khabarovsk Territory, dated March 11, 2015

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