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The following main conditions were set out for residents of TPSED by the Russian Federation Decree No.628 On Creation of Komsomolsk TPSED, dated June 25, 2015:

  • minimal amount of capital investments — 500,000 rubles;
  • registration of the company on the territory of TPSED;
  • list of permitted types of economic activity of the Komsomolsk TPSED resident:
    1. Crop production and animal breeding, hunting and provision of respective services in these spheres
    2. Forest management and timber harvesting
    3. Fishing and fish breeding
    4. Food production
    5. Production of beverages
    6. Production of tobacco goods
    7. Production of textile articles
    8. Production of clothes
    9. Production of leather and leather goods
    10. Woodworking and production of goods made of wood and cork, except furniture, production of items made of straw and materials for wickerwork
    11. Production of paper and paper goods
    12. Printing activity and copying with the use of information media
    13. Production of coke and petroleum products
    14. Production of chemical substances and chemical products
    15. Production of medical drugs and materials used for medicinal purposes
    16. Production of rubber and plastic articles
    17. Production of other nonmetallic mineral products
    18. Metallurgical production
    19. Production of finished metal goods, except machines and equipment
    20. Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical items
    21. Manufacture of electrical equipment
    22. Manufacture of machines and equipment, not included in other groups
    23. Manufacture of automotive vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
    24. Manufacture of other vehicles and equipment
    25. Manufacture of furniture
    26. Manufacture of other finished products
    27. Repair and installation of machines and equipment
    28. Supply of electric power, gas and steam; air conditioning
    29. Water withdrawal, purification and distribution
    30. Wastewater collection and treatment
    31. Collection, processing and reclamation of wastes; recycling of secondary raw materials
    32. Rendering services in the sphere of pollution clean-up and other services related to waste removal
    33. Overland and pipeline transport activity
    34. Water transport activity
    35. Air and space transport activity
    36. Warehousing facilities and auxiliary transport activity
    37. Postal service and courier delivery activity
    38. Activity related to provision of places for temporary lodging
    39. Activity related to provision of food and beverages
    40. Publishing activity
    41. Production of movies, video films and TV programs, release of sound recordings and printed music
    42. Activity in the sphere of TV and radio broadcasting
    43. Activity in the sphere of telecommunications
    44. Development of computer software, consulting services in this sphere and other associated services
    45. Activity in the sphere of information technologies
    46. Scientific research and development
    47. Veterinary activity
    48. Activity for maintenance of buildings and territories
    49. Administrative and household activity, auxiliary activity on support of an organization’s functioning, activity on providing other auxiliary services for business
    50. Education
    51. Activity in the sphere of health care
    52. Activity in the sphere of sport, rest and recreation
    53. Activity on rendering other personal services
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